Should you do a mini session?

March 26, 2018

I believe documenting your family in photos every year is so important. It doesn’t matter how many members make up your family. You should do a session and print at least one photo from that every year. I offer mini sessions so that those who are unable to do a full family session due to time, investment, or availability. Mini sessions allow them the chance to still have beautiful and timeless images of their family!


Typically, a mini session is an offered option that is shorter than a regular session. It does come with less images than a normal full session, but that is mainly because the there is less time, but not less opportunity for amazing images of your family. There are lots of benefits to doing a mini session: the time is shorter which is great for younger children and husbands, mini sessions are offered during peak seasons where the foliage is the most desirable, often they are offered in different locations so you can choose which location you prefer.


Regardless of whether you are shopping for shoes, a new couch, or picking where to get froyo, one of the first things people do these days is look between all the options and immediately start price shopping for the lowest cost. Cost is a factor, definitely, but it shouldn’t be your number one reason. When deciding and discussing if a mini session is right for you, I want you to instead ask these 3 simple questions:

  1. Do I want to choose and have a specific location and time in mind for my session?
  2. Do I want a larger variety and quantity of images in my gallery?
  3. Does anyone in my family need time to warm up to the camera in order to feel safe/ comfortable enough to be themselves? Is anyone in my family camera shy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a mini session is honestly not going to be the best fit for your family. You would be better off and more pleased with a full family session. If you have a location that you’ve always envisioned your family photos taking place and you have little family members with specific nap times or feeding times, consider a full session so you can choose your ideal location and the time your family is at their happiest. Some children are happy after they wake up in the morning and some are happiest after their afternoon nap. You know your children better than anyone.

If you want more variety in your images, in between moments, letting your family play together, then a full session is going to be a better fit for you. During mini sessions, they are often too fast to get those in between moments and I typically focus my attention more on great portraits. If you have a specific theme or multiple props for your session that require some setup and break down time then I suggest a full session that allows time to create your vision.

If someone in your family needs time to warm up to your photographer and their big scary camera, then you are more than likely going to be disappointed doing a mini session. More often than not you or your little one will warm up right as the mini session is ending. Instead, schedule a full family session that takes into account the time of warming up to the camera and creates a positive experience for the next time! This will allow your photographer more time and opportunities to capture amazing images of your family at their most comfortable.

I hope this helped guide you in your decision between a full or mini session. For information about my full family sessions check here. If you are interested in booking a family mini session check out here for more information!

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