5 Things That Happen on Every Wedding Day

March 16, 2020

Every wedding is different and unique. They are planned specifically for the couple and their desires, priorities, and tastes. As I enter my 10th year photographing weddings I have noticed that there are certain things that will happen at every single wedding. It’s inevitable. Without further ado:

5 things that happen on EVERY wedding day

1. Someone spills a drink on the dance floor – Without fail someone will spill their drink all over the floor. Some weddings more often than others but it will happen at least once! One time my second shooter and I kept count. We got up to 7 drinks. RIP delicious beverage.

2. Something gets forgotten– No matter how well you plan and prepare ahead of time something will inevitably get left behind. It’s no big deal. In a year you won’t even remember you forgot it. One time the marriage certificate was forgotten at home. Everything turned out fine.

3. DJ plays some sort of instructional line dance song– While some people find these songs kitch and obnoxious they really do help get hesitant people on the dance floor… if the alcohol hasn’t convinced them yet. The most popular one used to be the electric slide but I feel as if the cupid shuffle has taken over its top spot.

4. Your guests will barely hear your vows – 76% percent of the time– yes I made up a statistic– your guests won’t hear your vows or the ceremony. The main reason being you don’t have a microphone. I have a whole other blog post about ceremony suggestions. In summary, slap a microphone up there so your guests can hear as well as see you!

5. You will get behind on the timeline somehow – There have only been a handful of weddings in my entire career where we actually ran on time. The standard is about 10 minutes. Anything over that then we have to play a bit of catch up with the photos. There are things you can’t predict or control. Take this wedding for instance. We literally running early the whole day until after the ceremony when a downed power pole blocked the only entrance/exit to the reception location. It was nuts but everyone had such good attitudes.

Bonus round:

 6. What do I do with my hands? – Thanks to Ricky Bobby this joke will always pop up and never gets old. Don’t fret – that’s what I am here for!

Despite some of the things that can and potentially will go wrong your wedding day will be utterly beautiful and a day you won’t forget!

This concludes my list that happens every wedding. Feel free to leave a comment below or on my Instagram feed about anything else you see often at weddings!

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