Jimmy & Erin | Wedding at Four Oaks Manor

May 26, 2017

From their engagement session to their wedding day Jimmy and Erin are very laid back and easy to love people. They love the outdoors so we had to incorporate that into their engagement session as well as their wedding. Simple Gatherings at Four Oaks Manor was such a perfect place to hold an outdoor ceremony and reception. Since it is spring the weather called for some showers so Erin opted to put up tents (it turned out to be a good decision.) Thankfully the rain held off until the first dance which was hosted inside so no one was scrambling out of the rain.

My favorite part of their wedding were the people they choose to surround themselves with. You could tell that everyone was so excited and just wanted to be present and most importantly celebrate! Erin’s girls were having a grand time helping each other with their makeup and hair decisions. Jimmy’s groomsmen enjoyed hanging out in their room until it was go time.

I loved how Erin incorporated some traditions (new and old) into her wedding day. The first was a special cup that her parents drank out of at their wedding. It is a tilting cup where the couple both drink from at the same time. The second super special item were the wrap bracelets Erin had created for her and her sisters made from their mothers wedding dress. Erin took the time to wrap the bracelet on each of her sisters wrist. My favorite part was seeing mom behind them smiling at her daughters appreciating their new heirlooms.

The funniest part of the wedding day was when they shared their first kiss as husband and wife and Jimmy came away with bright pink lip stick on his lips! It was so cute how quickly he turned away from the crowd to get the pink off his lips!

The bridesmaids each chose their own neutral pallet dress and the gentle-people wore gray ensembles. Erin wanted the flowers to look like they picked wildflowers that morning and put them in a bouquet. I think it’s safe to say that the ladies at Lauren’s Florals accomplished that!

Congrats Jimmy & Erin!


Venue/Catering: Simple Gatherings at Four Oaks Manor

Dress: Adore Bridal Boutique

Guestbook sign: JLshabbydesigns

Rings: Jareds

Shoes: DSW

Suits: Black Tux

Flowers: Lauren’s Florals

DJ: Disc Jokey

Officiant: Jemelle Wooten

Popsicles: King of Pops


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