Behind the scenes of Molly Weir Photography

January 2, 2016

I have searched high and low for all the behind the scenes shots of Molly Weir Photography. Most are completely unflattering of me and I am totally ok with that. I fully believe in not taking yourself too seriously because then life wouldn’t be an adventure or full of fun.

This post is my favorite because it’s basically the blooper reel of my 2015 wedding season. I love blooper reels because most of the time they are funnier than the show ever intended because they are real and authentic. This is a small portion of what kind of craziness usually goes on behind the scenes,  behind the camera if you will. It usually consists of me climbing into bushes, wedging into a corner, carrying lots of cameras at once, volunteering to be the light test model, acting like a goof, and taking ALOT  of photos! I wouldn’t change a thing.

Most of these were taken by my wonderful second shooter and photographers I was second shooting for.



Let’s kick this off with a nice normal photo of me working hard for the clients!

BTS-josh-5Never take yourself too seriously. There has been suggestion of adding vampire fangs to this photo. I haven’t ruled it out.

BTS-josh-18 BTS-gibby-11

crouching photographer, hidden clients.


Sometimes my wonderful husband came on shoots as my light holding, second shooting assistant

BTS-gibby-9 BTS-freeman-1

Like I said, wedged in a corner.BTS-josh-1 BTS-josh-3

I can’t believe I was able to balance and get the shot.BTS-spossey-4 BTS-freeman-2 BTS-josh-15

I was admiring their custom engraved cake serving knife.BTS-freeman-5 BTS-spossey-7 BTS-josh-10

I can’t even explain why this position was comfortable. Whatever the reason it looks ridiculous.


Don’t mind me…Let’s cute cake!

BTS-freeman-4 BTS-freeman-6

I rarely get to go through the tunnel (especially during fireworks) so I definitely enjoyed this one.BTS-freeman-7

You can tell it was summer because of how sloppily that hair is in a ponytail.

BTS-gibby-1 BTS-gibby-6 BTS-gibby-3

He makes such a nice light stand.


Yes, stroke his beard?

BTS-gibby-7 BTS-gibby-2

I was so ready for this one and it looks like I was the only one.BTS-gibby-8

Don’t mind me. I’m just going to sit behind you.BTS-gibby-10

I will climb on most anything to get the shot I need.BTS-spossey-5 BTS-gibby-12

Sometimes I take normal photos.


And then most of the time I don’t take normal photos. I mean, that facial expression…BTS-josh-12 BTS-josh-2

How many cameras can I hold at one time?BTS-josh-4

Teamwork makes the dream work.BTS-josh-6 BTS-josh-7

This photo is totally a where’s waldo game. Ninja skills to the max!BTS-josh-8 BTS-josh-9

Yes those are colored light gels over my eyes. Clearly I had reached the loopy state of evening.


Let’s not discount that those are glow sticks around my head. I am always ready to blend in with the party.BTS-josh-17

Wind is a fickle thing. Thankfully Amanda had two gentlemen helping her with her hair.BTS-spossey-1 BTS-spossey-2

Again, anything for the shot.


This is me saying “You cut it right here, put it on the plate, pick it up, and SMASH IT IN HIS FACE!”BTS-wilson-1

Last but not least, this gem. Again, notice the glow sticks.


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