Nykia & Brian | Engagement at Cator Woolford Gardens

November 6, 2015

I was so thankful to have such a wonderful couple to enjoy this fall weather with. Mind you, this was before the week of pure rain we have been experiencing. We wandered around the glorious Cator Woolford Gardens over in Decatur, GA. If you ever have time (photo shoot or not) this is a wonderful place to just go and hang out or take a picnic!

It was a joy to photograph them. Sometimes I ask my couples to dance a little bit and these two totally have some moves. I love seeing when couples are just comfortable in each others arms and laugh! Every time Nykia looked at Brian she would start laughing which to me is the best thing ever! See for yourself.

looking through the stone banister of couple holding hands in the woods

couple pose vogue style on a stone banister

bride and groom hugging under a bush arch way

groom kisses bride's temple while holding her from behind in front of yellow fall leaves

bride and groom snuggle among pink rose garden

couple laughing in front of stone grand stairs

bride and groom laugh in the woods in front of stone banister

bride and groom sitting on a bench in the middle of a garden

couple hug among pink rose garden

couple looking at camera standing in front of grand stone staircase

couple laugh together in cobblestone courtyard in front of grand stone staircase

bride and groom sitting on the ground looking at the camera

down angle shot of bride and groom looking at each other

couple cuddle in pink flower bushes

groom hugs bride from behind among a big tree

bride and groom sitting on a gravel path in front of over grown bush

Bride looks at the camera with her arms draped over her groom

bride and groom walk through the garden

Couple kiss under a many limbed tree

bride hugs groom from behind surrounded by large hedges

looking through the tree to a couple holding one another

bride and groom snuggle surrounded by pink flowers

bride puts her arm over grooms should in cobblestone courtyard

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