Harry Potter Baby Nursery

February 5, 2021

So this will come as a huge shock to people…. our baby nursery isn’t purple. It’s actually teal/turquoise. I designed this before we ever knew we were pregnant and rolled with it. The fun part is that it can be transformed into a purple nursery VERY easily. All we’d have to do is paint the board and batten wall.

What isn’t surprising is that the baby nursery is definitely Harry Potter themed with an emphasis on owls. Naturally, we’ve dubbed the nursery the Owlery. Here’s to hoping baby girl grows up smart, wise, and fierce like an owl.

I am so proud and excited with how the board and batten wall came out! I showed my husband my vision and he absolutely crushed it. I had a whole melt down over what color to paint it and overall am happy to have gone VERY bold teal/turquoise.

Everything started with the crib sheets. I purchased the fabric from Spoonflower from Robin Skarbek’s Harry Potter design collection. The pattern is perfectly subtle and comes in a variety of colors. I even used the same design (opposite color scheme) to sew a boppy pillow cover. The white Minky on the backside of that pillow was an adventure to sew but is so incredibly soft!

I also purchased Katie HayesFlying car” design fabric for the second set of sheets as well as a Boppy nursing pillow cover (still need to sew) Love having even more subtle nods to Harry Potter sprinkled throughout the room.

A lot of the pieces in this room were purchased via local online marketplaces for either free or super sweet deals. We are big fans of finding things second hand. It’s the best way that we feel we can be good stewards of our money. By purchasing (or picking up off the side of the road) items from places like Nextdoor and Facebook Marketplace it allows us to save more money for other things, like epic trips.

My mom knit the lovey bunny below and color-coordinated perfectly. It is definitely something that will be passed down and brought back out at graduations or weddings.


The Hogwarts pillow came from AliExpress. The Hedwig owl is actually a puppet! The head spins around as a normal owl’s head would.

This glider recliner was posted on Nextdoor for free. They had left it out by the mailbox for the first person who wanted it. After a thorough inspection, it made its way home with us where I cleaned and scrubbed it even though it was in good shape and didn’t really need it.

My mom also made the colorful oversized quilt draped over the crib. It’s astounding the stitching detail she put into it and it has owls on it!

I loved this matching “snuggle this muggle “onesie pants set! Even better that it includes a headband!

The lovey blanket from Dwell Darling is so soft on both sides! If baby girl doesn’t want to hold it I certainly will be snuggling it!harry-potter-turquoise-baby-nursery-26.jpg

I choose a crib that was simple and clean. I didn’t want the crib to be the star of the room. Putting it together was easy and straight forward. It made for a fun family event.harry-potter-turquoise-baby-nursery-38.jpg

The amount of work that my husband put into the closet was impressive! We were able to do a cost-effective option and provide ample storage with some customization options going forward.harry-potter-turquoise-baby-nursery-28.jpg One of my favorite pieces is the print we picked up from the House of Mina Lima store in London. It always evokes such special memories when I look at it.

The wallpaper is actually a peel & stick vinyl wallpaper from BuyBuyBaby. It went up really easily and wasn’t messy like normal wallpaper is.


Sewing crib sheets was probably one of the more daunting projects but turned out to be incredibly easy to do!
harry-potter-turquoise-baby-nursery-48.jpgI am so excited about the below diaper backpack from JuJuBe. It’s Harry Potter and it has so many amazing pockets and storage!


Peep all the swaddle blankets! Of course, there are some from the Aden & Anais Harry Potter collection. There is also a floral stretchy swaddle blanket from Aubrey Gianna. The pattern seen in the cubby is Winter Rose.

There is also a lovey from River Baby Co’s etsy shop that has a fun Harry Potter item’s print on it!

I loved that this bookshelf/cubby storage can grow with baby girl. Right now it’s mainly a swaddle and blanket storage but can be filled with toys as she gets older.harry-potter-turquoise-baby-nursery-18.jpg

I am obsessed with this owl lamp. I got it off marketplace but if I hadn’t found it I would have definitely gone with this lamp instead.

Another excellent marketplace find was the Mauraders Map. My husband gave it to me for Christmas a couple of years ago. It’s got many folds and flaps that are fun to look through.

Another excellent Christmas present from my husband is the Mini Lima illustrated version of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” If you haven’t seen this book it’s absolutely stunning!harry-potter-turquoise-baby-nursery-21.jpg

The black and white knit dog peeking out of the toy bin was made from scratch by my mom! She made a dog that looked like Remus for baby girl to be able to hold and cuddle. Another heirloom piece that I want to preserve as best as possible because it’s so special.

For our baby book I choose “As You Grow” to document baby girl’s start to life. It’s an absolutely stunning book and is thoughtful in its design. I particularly love that there is a whole section in the back that people (like grandparents) can write a letter to her. The thought of having their handwriting speaking to her is so special.

This dresser was another “posted on Nextdoor, left on the side of the road” find. I measured it to make sure it would fit a Keekaroo changing pad then stuffed it in my Mini Cooper, and refinished it top to bottom. I sanded, painted, replaced hardware, and added the door insert (was empty). I’m pretty pleased with how it came out considering it mainly cost me time (hello, sanding is no joke) and paint.

The hanging baskets were on clearance from Target and spray painted to match the board and batten wall.

The shelves were actually from our wedding. We never had a place to hang them up until now. Honestly, they were a huge pain to hang up.

We got the Dekor Diaper Pail for free and while it was missing 1 piece the replacement only cost us $10 including shipping. The size we got is the Dekor Diaper Plus.

The Keekaroo changing peanut is probably one of my favorite marketplace finds/deals. I think because I spent so long keeping an eye out for one that it felt even sweeter. Cant wait to just be able to wipe this down when it gets dirty and reduce the amount of laundry I will be doing by not having a cover to wash too.harry-potter-turquoise-baby-nursery-9.jpg

Another House of Mini Lima store souvenir was this “Eeylops Owl Emporium” card. harry-potter-turquoise-baby-nursery-12.jpg

The bottle and candle are actually from one of my bridal showers! My sweet bridesmaids covered some wine bottles with pages from Harry Potter as decor for the shower and then let me keep the bottles afterward. They are another momento that brings up sweet memories to me.

Naturally being a photographer I had to add a camera just for baby girl to the registry! I loved this wood one that she will be able to gnaw and drool on.


I got this outfit from a local consignment shop called Kid to Kid. Not pictured is the owl face on the booty of the onesie.

This blanket is double-sided with a plush grey minky and this Harry Potter flannel print from Fabric.com. It’s super soft and is the perfect size to put over baby girl’s car seat.harry-potter-turquoise-baby-nursery-32.jpg

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