How to maximize your getting ready photos

May 13, 2020

Getting ready photos are a great way to add to the photographic story of your day. It’s typically the slowest and calmest part of your day where you are just hanging out with your closest people. Everyone is excited yet still relaxed. Documenting the impromptu dance parties or your mama crying while she buttons up your dress are incredible memories to preserve. It’s also fun to show your spouse after the wedding so they can see how your wedding day started and vice versa.

Sometimes the photography timeline doesn’t cover as much of the getting ready time as you’d like. That could be due to travel times, the quantity of hours coverage, or other circumstances.

These 4 tips are to help maximize your getting ready photos when you don’t have the most robust amount of time.

  1. Keep bags and clutter hidden

I like to suggest to my couples to consolidate their bags and “stuff” in 1 area. Ideally, it can be another room or just tucked in 1 specific corner. Doing that before your photographer arrives saves time from having to do it when they arrive and having to rush through photos or worse, not get to some of them (like robe photos for instance.)

  1. Have your photographer come when everyone is in final HMU touchups.

First, not many ladies want their photo taken when they are fresh-faced and untamed hair (myself included). Having your photographer’s coverage begin around 3/4 the way through at least your makeup is a great way to still get some of those dramatic and romantic makeup photos. Personally I think photos of getting mascara and/or lipstick on is more interesting and sometimes sexier than foundation or brows. You’ll love how glam you look!

  1. Keep your bmaids/gmen around in the room helping you.

You’ve asked these people to share your entire wedding day with you. They are the chosen ones. Having them lingering around, talking with you, and hanging out is perfect for getting those candid moments we all want. It also helps to keep the running on time when everyone is close by and we don’t have to herd any little wandering sheep.

  1. Have a toast.

Speaking of candid moments this could be a great time to have a toast in your robes or after everyone gets gussied up. It can be fun or everyone just gushing over your entire ensemble. Cue tears or laughs. Either way, they make great photos.


Getting ready photos are the most chill photos of the day and even if your budget or timeline doesn’t allow for an extended amount of photo coverage these 4 tips can help be the most efficient with your time you do have!

Let me know down below what your favorite getting ready photos are!

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