Callaway Gardens Engagement Session | Alex & Elizabeth

June 19, 2018

I arrived to Callaway Gardens early for this engagement session to scout out the areas that we had talked about shooting at. About the time I get to the Chapel a car had just arrived at the same time. I couldn’t tell if it was Alex & Elizabeth through the tint but thankfully they waved and I was happy to not look like an idiot too long just staring at a car.

This session was so fun from start to finish. I loved getting to explore some areas around the chapel and hanging out with this couple was a blast. Elizabeth choose cute outfits for her and Alex. They came with the perfect attitude: sure, why not? Every time I suggested an area they answered “sounds good” no matter how weird it sounded.

I am especially grateful for the lighting we were blessed with during golden hour. It’s so exciting when you see streams of sun coming through the trees.

I can’t wait for their wedding in a couple months!

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