The Venue at Murphy Lane | Jake & Amber

June 6, 2018

Jake & Amber’s proposal story is one of my favorites, here is how Amber tells it: He told me that we were going hiking. At our school, it is popular to propose while hiking. Didn’t get engaged while hiking. Later that day, my club president announced a ring ceremony. I was already going out with my roommates for my birthday dinner all dressed up. During a ring ceremony, the president has the ring on a candle and it is passed around the circle twice till it gets to the lucky bride-to-be and she blows the candle out to reveal that she got engaged. Well this time, when it came to me and I tried to pass it down, it was pushed back to me and Jake showed up behind me and proposed.

When I first met them I made an instant connection and really hoped that I would be lucky enough to photograph their wedding. Thankfully, they trusted me with their special day. Jake & Amber’s wedding day was beautiful and unexpected.. You could tell that her entire family put their heart and soul into this wedding. Every time I spoke to Amber she told me about more details she had done and it just made me more and more excited. When I arrived at the gorgeous Venue at Murphy Lane and saw Amber’s dreams coming to life I knew that no matter what it was going to be a heartfelt and emotional day.

Now there is something you need to know about Georgia. It’s weather is unpredictable. For the better part of the day it was hot and sunny but had the unmistakable dark gloomy clouds rolling around. A couple hours before the ceremony the heavens opened up and let loose for about 15 mins. We thought phew, nothing but humidity now we can deal with that. Come 45 mins before the ceremony and the heavens let loose again, harder this time. Thankfully we had literally just finished the bridesmaids photos (see how the photos in front of the barn are nice and shady… thanks storm cloud) It was during this downpour that the decision to move the entire ceremony was made. Everyone quickly went into action and created a new plan. We called this Plan C.

I am thankful for couples who are able to mourn the loss and roll with the rain on their wedding day. Amber’s family had worked so hard on this beautiful outdoor ceremony space. I am thankful that we were able to sneak up there during their portrait time and capture them at their original altar.

Despite it not going 100% according to plan their wedding day turned out beautifully. By having the ceremony inside it created such a close intimate space that made it feel like everyone was a part of their marriage vows. One thing that I loved during their ceremony was their locks. They each had a lock and key with their name on it. During the ceremony they locked them together on a beautiful board and afterwards we went down by the lake and threw away the keys. Love the symbolism in that vow. No matter what they will always be one team/flesh/unit/family/marriage from now until forever.

Congrats Jake & Amber on a wonderful wedding day!

Vendor Team:

Planner: Sally Wallace

Videographer: Helena Films

Dress Shop: Anya Bridal

Tent: Classic Canopies

Robes: EverlongEvents

Bridesmaid bags: LuciMykalDesigns

Cake Topper: caketoppersshop667

Garter: BridalSpecialDay

Love Locks: EarlyBrightMelange

Ring Bearer/Little Ushers: BePrettyBeBold

Rings: Tara & Co., Mucklows Fine Jewelry

Bridal Shoes: Amazon -Alexis Leroy New Arrival Women Fashion Summer Wedge Heel T-straps Buckle Sandals

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Bridesmaid Shoes: Xappeal Womens Akia Braided T Strap Thong Sandal Shoes

Grooms Suit: Belk’s

Groomsmen Suit: The Groomsman Suit

Catering/Floral Design: Atlanta’s Finest Catering

Hair / Makeup: Salon 54 – Amber Dale

DJ: Bright Star Entertainment

Officiant: Larry Acuff

Bakery: Lisabeth Peavy

Turquoise Cardstock: Amazon-Neenah Astrobrights

Etsy – Save the Date: LittleBeesGraphics

Inviations: DawnMarieCreations82

Wedding Programs: ThatPartyChick

Caricatures: Creative Caricatures

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