Phrases that make wedding photographers cringe

December 20, 2017

Let’s preface this post by saying I absolutely love what I do. I love photographing people on one of the most exciting days of their lives. However, there are a few phrases that I hear a lot that make myself (and I would argue other photographers) cringe. Clients don’t realize that sometimes their little joke or off the cuff comment undermine their photographer. It could also show that they do not trust the photographer they have hired. Next time you are speaking or interacting with a photographer keep these in mind.

“Make me look skinny”

Somehow people seem to think that a photographers goal is to make you look larger. The right photographer will have studied posing and how to find your best angles, the most flattering light, and how to convince you that you aren’t as lumpy as you seem to think you are. Every mirror is a trick mirror in a woman’s eyes.

“Can you photoshop that?”

Am I capable, yes. Does it still look like a naturally beautiful photo after photoshop? Often, no. Photoshop is such a slippery slope to achieving an unrealistic photo that people think they want to look like. I like to empower people to change the things they don’t like (I get it girl, I got multiple chins too) and to trust in the photographer you have invested in to make sure you always look your best. Typically that is with the posing, lighting, or outfits. If there is still something that you want added or removed ask your photographer their retouching rates (often it’s additional work, so additional cost.)

“Your camera takes great photos”

A camera is just a vessel in which a photographer creates an image. It is a mere tool. What creates an amazing image is the person behind the camera. This person has invested themselves into intimately learning how their camera gear works and how to get the image in their head come to fruition. With a little bit of education you and your camera could take great photos too.

“I hate having my photo taken, I am the most unphotogenic”

False, you are not unphotogenic. I believe that everyone is photogenic. It is the photographers job to make sure each photo shows off your best side. When people tell me this all I can think of is that they have not had their photo taken with someone who has taken care of them and shown them that they really do photograph well. They have not learned some of the tricks to achieving a photograph that even the most self conscious would approve of.

“I only need an hour of coverage and/or a couple of photos taken.”

When it comes to weddings there is very rarely just 1 hour of coverage. I simply cannot deliver all the photos that I do (and the types of photos that clients probably love about my work) in an hour.

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