Rainy Day Spring Wedding at Walters Barn

March 31, 2017

Shooting a rainy day wedding with Tessa Marie is pretty awesome. Most couples become wary when the weather predicts something less than optimal but if you have faith, an excellent vendor team, and GPS radar then you are all set with no worries! Plus the beautiful back porch of the Walters Barn provided the perfect backdrop and shelter for photos!

This bride didn’t let a little precipitation ruin her wedding day. By the time the ceremony came around there was hardly anything falling from the sky. Funny how mother nature often cooperates on wedding days.

I loved every single one of the details that this couple choose. Their decorations were so fun and thought out that it makes my heart sing when photographing them.

I loved their first look. It was sweet. It was quiet. It was their own. The moment he turned around no one but her existed in the world. No one else mattered. No wedding decision was important enough. No photographers madly snapping photos mattered or were even heard. All that existed was dressed in a dark suit and white dress.


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