Ethan & Heather Engagement in Cator Woolford Gardens

October 5, 2015

You may look at this adorable couple and think wow they look like a lot of fun. Let me tell you, they totally are! From the moment they arrived at Cator Woolford Gardens they were laughing and goofing off. I asked them if they are dancers and they said not really and then they bust out these swing moves and a dip and completely impressed me. I love when couples just go for it because even if they completely miss the mark they look adorable laughing with each other.

To me, this is the purpose of an engagement shoot: to hang out and snuggle with your love while getting to know your photographer and used to your own personal paparazzi. This also gives you a chance to get used to said paparazzi jumping over bushes, creeping under leaves, and crouching behind stone pillars. It’s in the job description, check it.

young couple hug against stone railing

bride runs hands through grooms hair showing off engagement ring

couple walk through the gardens together

couple kiss on stone steps at night

couple kiss under the twinkle lights

closeup of couple through the leaves

bride and groom gaze into each others eyes on stone steps

man lifts girl up to reach the twinkle lights

couple laughs together while leaning against stone pillar

couple dance under the twinkle lights in front of stone building

bride snuggles with groom among purple flowers

couple about to kiss in front of stone building

bride leans against grooms chest on stone steps

silhouette shot of couple among trees in a garden

couple sit on a stone wall together at night

couple sit on a stone wall at night

Copyright: Molly Weir Photography

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