Brandon & MaryBeth | Athens Engagement

May 19, 2015

I love when discussing a couples engagement photos that they bring up their dogs and how they want them in a few photos. yes, please. I love when couples bring their personalities and aspects of their life to a shoot. I love capturing what it is between a couple that make them so stinking excited to get married to one another.

When Brandon first drove up he said he had never had professional photos taken before. I told him not to worry because all he has to do is just snuggle with his beautiful bride-to-be. Snuggle is totally what they did. I don’t think I have ever given less direction and my presence been overlooked¬†as much during an engagement session (this is a good thing by the way).
If you are ever nervous about having your photo taken just hold close to your beloved and snuggle. You’ll love it, they will love it, and I will love it.

Location: Sandy Creek Park in Athens, GA


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