Items to have for detail photos

Every wedding day I like to begin with photos of the little details you have chosen to wear, use, and hold. I always suggest to my couples that they gather these items before the wedding and just have them in one spot or in a...

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Making Family Formals less like a drag

You love your family but sometimes they can be a bit rumbustious. They mean well but can get distracted easily. Straight up, taking family photos at a wedding is akin to herding cats. Everyone is excited about the wedding. They are thirsty. They are getting hangry....

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What do I do with my hands?!

Guaranteed at least once, every photo shoot, I get asked a very simple question. What do I do with my hands? via GIPHY It's amazing how someone picks up a camera aims it at you and all of sudden you are 120% aware of your body, especially your...

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