About me

hello everybody – my name is Molly.

Greetings! My name is Molly. I am a wedding & portrait photographer based in Atlanta, GA. I began this business in 2009 while finishing my bachelors degree in Photography from UGA (Go Dawgs!)*


I began my photo career shooting families (& still do!) but I found I was more passionate about meeting couples at the beginning of their journey of marriage commitment. I cherish hearing people’s love stories! I strive to get to know my clients because I believe love is a choice & I enjoy learning why my clients choose each other.


My goal with each photo session I do is to make everyone comfortable and have a good time. I wholeheartedly believe that laughter is key to making it through adult life.


My love story begins in high school. I met this really handsome gentleman who never gave up on me or stopped pursuing my heart. In 2014 we got married (after 9 years together, can I get an amen!)**


My main passions can be summed up in 3 P’s: Purple, Pumpkin, and Photography. If I were to add a 4th it would be Potter, Harry Potter.


I make stupid jokes and put my foot in my mouth way too often. I always enjoy getting a chai latte (no matter what time of day) and believe pumpkin season is better than Christmas season (that’t right, I said it.) I have been known to wear something purple pretty much every day because I simply love the color.


Exploring new places and spaces is something that is incredibly exciting and possible living so close to the largest airport (and security lines to boot.) If you are thinking about having a destination nuptial I would love to talk to you about it! It makes me giddy thinking about it.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my bio page. Just know I am giving you a high five through the computer right now. If you like what you have read & seen and want to know more, book your wedding date, or you just want to say “Hi!” send me a message in the form below.


*I still totally love and accept you even if you don’t cheer for UGA, no guarantee that I won’t make jokes though.

**After all this time? Always

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